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Work Distribution

SL. No. Name Designation Telephone No Work Allocated Report To Link Officer
1 Ms. Seema Gupta Director (PW) 24624802(O)

1. Desk-C (Pensioners’ Portal, Pensioners Grievances), Sankalp, Bhavishya, Anubhav.
2. Admin –Establishment and Vigilance matters

Shri Sandip Ramteke
2 Sh. Harjit Singh Director (PP) 24624752 (O)

1. Desk-A (Pension policy, matters relating to 6th/ 7th CPC, Pension Act, 1871 & Pension Rules).
2. Desk-B (Qualifying service, counting of past service/resignation/break in service etc.), New Pension Scheme, service & retirement gratuity.
3. Desk-D (Absorption of CentralGovt. employees in Autonomous bodies/ PSUs, reference under CS(MA) Rules/ Fixed Medical Allowance/ Health Insurance Scheme, Pensioner’s demand on non-pensionary matters).

JS (Pension)
Shri D.S. Prasad
3 Ms. Sujasha Choudhury Director (P) 24635979 (O)

1. Desk-G (Dearness Relief, Commutation of Pension, JCM matters, SCOVA).
2. Desk-E (Family Pension & Pension procedure).
3. Desk-F(GPF/CPF/EOP Rules, Database of Pensioners)
4. Desk-Coord. (Parliamentary Standing Committee & other Parliamentary matters & periodical returns), RTI
5. Admn. Division –General Admn./Budget / House keeping).
6. Jeevan Pramaan.
7.Head of Department (H.O.D.)

JS (Pension)
Smt. Sunita Vikas Ramteke
4 Sh. S.K.Makkar Under Secretary. Desk – "A" 24644634(O)

a) All pension policy matters relating to 6th Central Pay Commission/ 7th CPC, etc.
b) Proposals regarding introduction of the pension Scheme in PSUs/Autonomous Bodies.
c) Pension Act 1871.
d) Matters relating to Court cases/RTI/VIP References / Inventory of decisions / Misc. specific to the Desk

D ir (PP)
Shri Ajay
5 Sh. Ashok Kumar Singh Under Secretary Desk - (Coord.) & Admn-I 24644631

a) Admin-I including attendance,immovable property returns, Medical claims, APAR & Leave etc.
b) All establishment related matters.
c) Vigilance matters
d)Training matters
e) Outsourcing of staff (estimates, tenders, LOA etc.) other than billing.
f) e-Office
g) Pension matters of staff & Officers.
h) Monthly DO to DoPT.

Dir (PW)
6 Sh. Subhash Chander Under Secretary Desk – "D" 24644632

a) All matters relating to absorption of Central Govt. employees in Autonomous Bodies/PSUs including reciprocal arrangement with State Government.
b) Grant of exemption from the Rule of immediate absorption in Autonomous Bodies for filling up posts by deputation.
c) Pension Procedures under CCS(Pension) Rules.
d) Matters relating to conversion of Govt. Deptts. Into PSUs/Autonomous Bodies.
e) Reference under CGHS issuesFixed Medical Allowance/ Health Insurance Scheme.
f) Matters relating to issue of Pensioners' Card.
g) Cabinet notes.
h) Monthly DO letter to Cabinet Secretariat.

7 Shri Sidheshwar Chakrabarti Under Secretary Desk– "B" 24635754(O)

a) All aspect relating to qualifying service.
b) Counting of past service/resignation/break in service/addition to qualifying service in special circumstances.
c) Issues relating to mobility of Government servants from one Department to another Dept and State Govts/UTs & vice-versa.
d) Pension for temporary/Quasi permanent employees.
e) Ex-Burma/Ex-Goa/Pondichéry Pensionner.
f) All matters relating to Retirement gratuity
g) Matters relating to Court case/RTI/VIP references / Inventory of decisions / Misc. specific to the Desk.
h) New Pension Scheme

Dir (PP )
Smt. Nirmal Meena
Sh. Sidheshwar Chakrabarti, US(B)
8 Sh. Sanjoy Shankar Under Secretary Desk – "E" 246446321 (O)

a) All aspects of Family Pension under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.
b) Ex-gratia to CPF retirees/families.
c) Jeevan Pramaan and DLC
d) Aadhaar Seeding
e) Payment of arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules.

Dir (P)
M s . Jyoti
Steno Gr. D

a) Jeevan Pramaan

Dir (PW)
9 Sh Charanjit Taneja Under Secretary Desk – "G"/ US(Admn.II)/ HOO*** 24644637(O)

a) Commutation of Pension Rules
b) Dearness Relief.
d) Resolutions and demands received from pensioners’ associations
e) Pensioners’ Adalat
f) GPF cases submitted by Desk-F

Dir (P)
Shri Ravi Rawat

a) Admin-II
b) Supervision of DDO’s work, Budget, Cash
c) Controlling Officer of Diary/Dispatch

10 Shri Manoj Kumar Under Secretary

a) Sankalp
b) Bhavishya
c) Issue of revised PPOs, payment of pension through banks etc. except digital life certificate and Aadhar seeding.
d) Pensioners' Portal
e) RTI
f) All coordination work related to Parliament questions.

Dir (PW)
Smt. R Jayanthi Sharma

d) Nodal Officer of RTI matters & e-office.

Dir (P)
11 Ms. Pushplata Asstt. Director (OL)

All work pertaining to Hindi translation and Official language.

US (Coord)
12 Sh. T.C. Varghese Section Officer (Desk-F) 24623107 (O)

All matters relating to Extra ordinary pension, other than qualifying service, Retirement/ Retirement benefits for Constitutional and Statutory Authorities. GPF/CPF/EOP Rules and liberalized Pension Awards, Ex - gratia pension. Census/Database of Pensioners. Matters relating to Court cases/RTI /VIPreferences/Hindi/Parliament /Inventory of decisions specific to the Desk. New Pension Rules.

Dir (P)
Shri Sanjeet Kumar
13 Smt. Kiran Batra Section Officer (Cash) & DDO

Sanction of advances like GPF, LTC, TA , Staff News papers bills etc. All work pertaining to coordination of Budget/Audit of the Department and Drawing Disbursing Officer ( DDO), purchasing of rule books. All work relating to budget, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Budgetary matters and dealing of all audit observations. Other miscellaneous work as given by US (AdmII)/HOO.

US (Adm .II ) & HOO
14 Smt. N. Prasanna Section Officer (Admn.I)

All work relating to establishment, filling up of posts, Engagement of D.E.O./Consultant through outsourcing, pay fixation, MACP cases, Immovable roperty Return, Vigilance matters. e-Service Book, pension matters of Staff/officers. Monthly D.O. to Cab Sectt./e-samikSha Other misc. work as given by US(Admn.I)/HOO.

US (Admn. I )
15 Shri Rajesh Kumar Section Officer (Admn.II)

All matters relating to
E-procurement & purchase of petty items including computers, intercoms along with their AMC, Care-taking work of office including furniture, diposal of old stocks, water arrangements, office modernization etc., Liveries for MTS, Puchasing of rule books, Staff Car matters including tender for hiring of vehicle and its finalization, Petrol & servicing of official vehicle, Sanction of Taxi bills, Arrangement of meeting and Protocol, Liasion with the offices/Department/Ministries for General administration matters, Sanction of Telephone bills & related matters, Printing work, Purchase of stationery & distribution, Handling of Newspapers & Magazines, Payment of misc. bill relating to General administration.

Other misc. work as given by US(Admn.II)/HOO.

HOO & US (Admn. II )
16 Shri Dhananjay Prasad Singh Section Officer (Coord)

All work relating to Coor dination,
b) Cabinet Notes.
c) Monthly DO letter to Cabinet Secretariat.
d) Minutes of senior officers' meeting
e) Annual Report
f) e-Samiksha.
g) Hindi (OL)/Misc.
h) All coordination work other than Parliamentary Quentions.
i) Marking of references received from different Ministries/Department, General Public, Pensions to concerned divisions, desks, sections
j) All coordination work related to Parliamentary questions.

US (Coord)
17 Shri Akhlesh Mann Assistant Section Officer (Desk-E/RTI) Additional Charge

Marking of references from different Miniseries/Department to concerned divisions. All work relating to RTI application of D/o Pension & PW and also receiving of RTI application of DOP&T establishment of Lok Nayak Bhawan. Other misc. work as given by US(Desk E).

US (Desk E)
18 Shri Prashant Gupta Section Officer (Desk-A)

Attached with Desk A, w.r.t. Court cases.

US ( Desk - A )
19 Dr. Om Prakash Dwivedi Senior Hindi Translator

a) All work pertaining to Hindi translation and Official Language
b) other misc. work as given by US(Coord).

Assistant Director (OL)
20 Shri Anand Kumar Jaiswal Assistant Section Officer

a) All work pertaining to outsourced staff w.r.t. bill processing & day-to-day coordination with the agency.
b) work relating to sanction of all advances like Medical, HBA, Scooter/Car Advances, TA/LTC, computer advances
c) Reimbursement of medical bills/Children Education allowances, including misc. reimbursement cases, Newspaper bills, Brief-case
d) Issue of CGHS Card etc.
e) Other misc. work as given by US(Admn.I).

SO(Admn. I )
21 Shri Mahendra Singh Assistant Section Officer

a) All work pertaining to outsourced staff viz. estimate sanction, tendering process, engagement of D.E.O./Consultant through outsourcing.
b) Pension matters of Staff/Officers.
c) All matters relating annual increment, pay fixation, MACP cases, ER sheets.
d) Action under FR 56j
e) Issue of Duty list of staff & officers.
f) Training matters of Staff and Officers.
g) All misc. establishment matters of staff including forwarding of application & applying for passport etc.
h) Other misc. work as given by US(Admn.I).

SO (Admn. I )
22 Shri Akhlesh Mann Assistant Section Officer

a) Preparation of Budget.
b) Audit replies and related coordination work.
c) Other misc. work as given by US(Admn.II)/HOO.

23 Sh. Sujit Kumar Das Assistant Section Officer/ Cashier

a) All work relating handling of cash including imprest.
b) Preparation of salary bill & other contingent bills.
c) Reconciliation with Pay &Account Office.
d) Income Tax calculations & issue of Form-16.
e) Quarterly returns to IT department including coordination
f) Other misc. work as given by US(Admn.II)/HOO.

DDO/ HOO& US (Admn. II )
24 Shri Akshay Kumar Assistant Section Officer

a) Assist in all matters pertaining to National Pension System and PFRDA.
b) All coordination work related to Parliament questions.
c) Any other work assigned by US(B).

25 Desk

a) Cabinet notes
b) All Coordination work including Parliament Questions.
c) Monthly DO letter to Cabinet Secretariat
d) Minutes of Weekly meeting
e) Annual Report
f) e-samiksha
g) Hindi(OL)/Misc

D ir (P)
26 Shri Deepak Pundir PA

a) Supervision/ monitoring of grievances registered under CPENGRAMS.

Dir (PW)