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Functions & Duties

S.No Concerned Authority Functions and duties
1 D/o P&PW Policy Matter with regard to retirement benefits:
- Policy Formulation/ Framing of Rules
- Interpretation of policy/ rules
- Relaxation of rules in individuals cases
- Exemption from rules
- Facilitating Redressal of grievances
2 Head of office of the Ministry/ deptt. from where employees retired - verification of service
- making good omissions in service Book
- Processing, calculation and sanction of retirement benefits/ revision thereof
- Forwarding of pension papers to PAO
3 PAO - Preparation and issue of Pension Payment Order (PPO)

- Forwarding the PPO to CPAO
- Amendment/ revision of PPOs
4 CPAO - Issue of Special Seal Authority (SSA) to the concerned link branch of banks

- Accounting procedure
5 Paying branch (Pension Disbursing authority) opted by the pensioners - Disbursement of pension/ DR
- Calculation of arrears of pension/ FP
- Disbursement of FMA
- Restoration of commuted portion of pension after 25 years
- Grant of FP on the death of pension